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If you are looking for the perfect inexpensive gift that will be appreciated by men or women then you are in the right place.

Each gift bag contains 7oz. of Bath Salt and 1 Soap Bar in a lovely organza gift bag.

FRAGRANCES  -  The fragrances are light while others are pungent but truly unique and unforgettable.

COLORS  -  The colors are bright, vibrant and bold and make everyone smile. They will grab one and instantly smell it.

SOAPS  -  The soaps themselves are creamy, smooth and invigorating with a slight lather and make you feel refreshed.

BATH SALT  -  The bath salts are measured 2 tbs per bath. The salts make all your aches and pains disappear while the sweet fragrance relaxes the mind and allows you to drift off into another world.  The fragrance is a tantalizing Vanilla Bourbon.

I have attended many parties where these were displayed on at the "Gift Table".  The response is overwhelming at how the guest find the table by following the fragrant smell right to the table filled with beautiful organza bags.  Their eyes "Pop" at the beautiful table set before them. Groups gather and each person is compelled to pick one up to smell it - only to continue picking up more and more to catch a whiff of each soap bar fragrance.  Throughout the room has a mild fragrance that everyone enjoys.  The "Gift Table" is always a big hit and the guests seem to enjoy the "Gift Table" as much as the party.



These make the perfect small, inexpensive, but classy gift to remember your special day.


Special gift for a friend, co-worker, employee, teacher, or family member.


Any occasion for any person to say thank you or you are just thinking about them.

Gift Tables

Gift tables at Weddings, Parties, Business Functions, Charity Events, Etc., add a touch of class to any event. It allows your guest to know how much you care about them.

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