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All Natural Bath Products

I have always been fascinated by handmade soaps, bath salts, lotions, bath bombs, etc.  The individual fragrances, textures, and the way they make your skin feel so silky and smooth.  I have sampled many different handmade products and believe that I have found the best of the best.  I am hoping that you will love these products as much as I do. 

Each batch is handmade with focus on procuring only the richest natural ingredients from reputable suppliers and are made in the USA.

Each bar contains one or more ingredients such gardenia petals, lemon zest, lavender buds, lemon grass, peppermint leaves, organic shea butter, charcoal, tea tree oil, coconut oil, corn oil, soybean oil, jojoba oil, extra virgin olive oil, oliva pomace oil, sunflower oil, lye, juniper berries, oatmeal, etc. 

Even the body scrubs are squeaky clean with natural exfoliants like chopped loofah bits, crushed walnut shells and poppy seeds. What you will never see are artificial detergents, surfactants, dyes, or other harsh chemicals.

I am sure that you will love these products as much as I do and you will share with your friends and family.  I love seeing the joy on my friends faces when I give them a gift of all natural products.

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